Thanks for visiting my blog! MudBay Bird House was created as an addendum to MudBay Musings as a way to share my home bird photographs with other artists. These photos are not meant to be artistic in themselves, but it's my hope you will find them a handy reference for your quilts, collages and mixed-media projects.

This is a blog for those of us who need or prefer a bit of help in the drawing department... I've tried to capture various poses of my feathered friends since I always seem to wish I had a slightly different angle of them for this-or-that, but just can't seem to wrap my brain around how to draw the changes. I hope you find these images fun and useful - thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Male Northern Flicker


  1. He is so precious! LOVE your photographs!! Our Flicker friend has been visiting a lot the past few days~ They catch your eye... bouncing around the lawn.
    Hope your day is wonderful!

  2. So enjoy your pictures....yes I do!!! debbie

  3. Oh, I love these birds ... we look forward to them in the fall and winter, as that is when they arrive over here. They are so very beautiful!

  4. Beautiful... love the rain. The little guy look as if he isn't sure what to do!

  5. LOVE your photographs! Handsome little fella was having a wonderful time~
    Each one a work of art :)